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Within this intricate tapestry of transformation, our individual integration services stand out as guiding stars. Facilitated by the dedicated expertise of Leisa and Nathan, clients embark on a carefully crafted journey through the intricate landscape of their own altered states. These sessions represent a transformative odyssey, where self-discovery flourishes, authenticity takes root, and the threads of altered states intricately weave into the fabric of daily existence. 

As part of this comprehensive journey, we integrate the power of somatic experiencing art therapy and Neuro Affective Touch (NAT) into our treatment approach. These complementary practices provide a profound layer of depth to the integration process, facilitating a holistic transformation. 

Somatic experiencing art therapy enables clients to explore and express the subtle nuances of their altered states through creative means. Art becomes a language through which the unspoken experiences and emotions within these states can find expression. This artful exploration serves as a bridge, connecting the conscious mind with the depths of the altered state, allowing for a richer understanding and integration of these profound experiences. 

Neuro Affective Touch (NAT), on the other hand, offers a tactile dimension to the integration process. Through the therapeutic use of touch, individuals can further process and release stored trauma or stress from the body. It becomes a means of connecting with and grounding the experiences of altered states in the physical body, creating a harmonious alignment between the mind and body. 

Through this holistic journey, clients not only gain resilience but also deepen their self-awareness in ways that are both profound and tangible. They discover the extraordinary potential of living a life that seamlessly interweaves the wisdom of altered states with the therapeutic power of somatic experiencing art therapy and Neuro Affective Touch. This integrated approach empowers individuals to harness the transformative potential within themselves and navigate their life's path with newfound insight and authenticity. 

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