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Group Integration

Hello, Leisa & Nathan have been working on this beautiful offering and we would love to see you and guide you to your inner wisdom! Group integration therapy aims to help individuals process, embody and integrate their state change or altered state experiences in a supportive and safe environment. For example from the use of breathwork or psychedelic medicines. This type of therapy is facilitated by PTNQ trained therapists who have extensive experience and scientific training working with and understanding the unique challenges and benefits of the bottom up approach of Somatic Experiencing Therapy. During a group integration therapy session, participants may be encouraged to share their experiences with each other and discuss their feelings about their altered state experience. The therapist may guide the group discussion and provide support and guidance to individual participants as needed. This may include helping participants explore any difficult emotions or bodily sensations that have emerged during the state change or psychedelic experience, as well as helping them identify and mark, positive insights or changes they have experienced.

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