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Who are we?

Discover Leisa and Nathan's inspiring story



Our facilitators provide compassionate support and guidance for individuals who seek to deepen their spiritual journey and cultivate a harmonious connection between their altered state experiences and daily lives.


Guided by our facilitators CAT therapy is a profound, deeply embodied and supportive approach to therapy, enabling clients to explore their inner world, bringing to light important insights,  strengthening values and concepts of self, which foster growth and expansion




Our group integration services provide a nurturing space where individuals who have engaged in altered state practices can come together to harmonize their journeys, exchange insights, and deepen their understanding of the integration process.


We are delighted to present our unique offerings—an array of one-time events designed to take you on a transformative journey of self-discovery, inner growth, and integration. These exceptional experiences combine the power of meditation retreats with expert guidance in integrating profound insights into your everyday life.

Led by our compassionate and experienced facilitators, our unique offerings are tailored to individuals who are seeking to deepen their spiritual journey and establish a harmonious connection between their meditation practice and their daily existence. Whether you are a seasoned meditator or new to the practice, these events provide a supportive and nurturing space for your personal exploration and growth.

Our ethos

Our intention and commitment is to provide accessible, supportive and compassionate Integration Therapy of altered state or state change experiences.

We bring years of combined skills to offer an embodied approach to integration support and therapy to the wider community. Studies have shown integration is an integral part of the Altered State experience. This includes and is not limited to state change such as Holotropic/Transformational Breath Work & harm minimisation pre and post Psychedelic Medicines.

By incorporating somatic experiencing and emotional embodiment (the bottom up approach), we depart from the traditional top-down cognitive model, enabling us to liberate ourselves from ingrained patterns and defences. Our therapy has been proven to facilitate the identification and transformation of mindsets, allowing for the expansion of perspectives and a greater acceptance of life.

Without integration we can be left confused and, in some instances, overwhelmed, which can lead to increased mental health challenges.

The psychedelic/altered state session is a small part of a much larger healing journey. As some people are experimenting and while some medications are still illegal, we understand many people are exploring these altered states perhaps by themselves. We would like to offer support in the way of integration. When we are able to embody our experience of altered states, we start to see the ripple effect of change in our lives.

If you or you know of someone struggling with an experience they may have had with medicine or any altered state please let them know there are ways to support this process. It doesn’t matter if it was last night or 30 years ago, the amazing part of this work is that it can be embodied at any time.

Graduate CPAT from MMI. Certificate of Psychedelic Assisted Therapies Mind Medicine Institute.


“Here is some feedback from the last Breathwork session that was so magical. Such profound, safe and supportive work from Leisa & Nathan💚🫶

"The integration is interesting, I feel a freedom and inner knowing and I have an uber sensitive awareness to at the first glimpse of self-doubt/insecurity..."

Since the session I feel more relaxed and calm within myself. Little things don’t seem to bother me as much anymore. I feel more in control of my emotions and not so reactive. It still feels like I’m floating around in protective blissful bubble most of the time.”


25 Kingston Street, Gulliver QLD, Australia


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